The Green Left Party

Socialistisk Folkeparti - in English Green Left - Is a modern and green left-wing party in Denmark founded in 1959. The party fights oppression and inequality for equal rights and opportunities, aiming to create a society with socialist and green values prioritizing welfare, wealth, freedom, and opportunities for all.

The Challenge

I was tasked with creating a poster to promote the message of "ro på" (calm down). The aim was to combat the prevalence of stress, anxiety, and depression caused by societal pressure to meet high expectations, affecting various groups such as children, youth, the unemployed, and those in stressful jobs. The objective was to prioritize peace of mind over the competitive culture, especially for children who need more time to enjoy their childhood.

The Outcome

A poster that captures the complex emotions of life and promotes the message of "ro på" (calm down) for all sub-categories of the campaign. Additionally, the design aimed to shift the focus from individual competition and societal pressure to unity and community support. The poster features the secondary message "sammen finder vi en vej" (together we will find a way) underneath to reinforce this theme.


Graphic Design
User Research
Print Design



The Final Product

The final poster won the design contest of the Danish political party, The Green Left (@Socialistiske Folkeparti), for its ability to effectively communicate the party's campaign message. Moreover, its versatility allowed it to be used in various categories of the campaign, making it a valuable asset to the party's overall strategy. The design served as a powerful visual representation of the party's vision for a better future and inspired others to support their cause.

“A logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.” Paul Rand

The Process

Before starting the design, it was essential for me to understand the target audience and their needs. Therefore thorough user research was conducted before starting the design phase for the poster.

The research involved gathering data about the party’s target audience, their beliefs, values, and more importantly, what motivates them to vote. Focus groups and servers were conducted in order to gain insight into the target audience preferences. The research also involved studying successful political posters in the past to understand what design elements work well in motivating voters.


Thank you to the team at The Green Left Party and their stakeholders for the collaboration and cooperation that has enabled this work.


The Green Left Party (Socialitiske Folkeparti)


Marketing team at The Green Left Party (Socialitiske Folkeparti)


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