ONE FIT is a revolutionary platform that simplifies the delivery of custom-tailored fitness services. This comprehensive platform consists of two user-friendly applications designed to provide an end-to-end experience for both coaches and clients. With a focus on seamless client engagement, ONE FIT empowers coaches to maximize their efficiency and positively impact a larger audience

The Challenge

To create a connected experience that houses every part of the successful fitness journey in one place. Eliminating the use of multiple software and applications that would normally be used to deliver the coaching service, eliminating pain points for both coaches and clients.

The Outcome

A platform that houses every part of the successful fitness journey comprised of 2 applications that make up the end-to-end experience on both mobile and desktop. Allowing for a more effortless experience for both coaches and clients, for maximum efficiency.


UX/UI Design
UX Research
Visual Design



How it started

The idea originated from a conversation with my coach talking about the current landscape of fitness coaching, it has become ordinary for coaches to rely on multiple applications and software to deliver their services.

While customization is highly valued, the introduction of all-in-one platforms in recent years aimed to consolidate these tools comes with a drawback.

Many coaches have been reluctant to switch due to the potential loss of customization, opting instead to stick with methods that allow them to personalize their materials. This choice enables them to uphold their individual brand identity and avoid becoming just “another” coach using a generic platform.

Current check In system

Applications and software used

Customization vs All-in-one

The branding maintains elements of their existing identity refreshed into a modern interpretation that reflects their refreshed identity; bright, engaging and contemporary. The clarity in the messaging was vital, leading to a paired-back design that focused on recognition rather than complexity.

“In the age of the hyperconnected consumer, delivering a personalized experience is key” Andy Betts

The competition is not specific

Taking into consideration the statistic mentioned above, which highlights the importance of comprehensive customization in the fitness industry, it became evident during my research that none of the existing service providers in this space posed direct competition to One Fit and its unique offering. Notably, these competitors failed to offer genuine customization options to their clients, setting One Fit apart as a forerunner in this regard.

PT Distinction

A good option for coaches that like to focus on habit tracking and lifestyle change.

‍- Used by industry leaders
- Some level of customization
- Some App integrations

- Functionality might be daunting for new coaches
- Learning curve for its users
- L earning curve for new coaches


On a mission to help coaches save time and deliver a better experience for their clients.

- Equipment lists
- Supports broad range of clients
- Good for new coaches

- Nutrition is managed through the exercise library
- No onboarding process
- Limited app integrations

Lenus eHealth

On a mission to help online coaches scale their coaching business.

‍- Easy-to-use platform
- Template library
- Some app integrations

- Almost no customization
- Service doesn't feel tailored
- Platform isn’t optimized for communication.